The Chapuis:

AGEX Jungle .375

Not for the faint of heart

AGEX Jungle

Largely similar to the AGEX Brousse model, it has been improved by fitting sideplates and adding heavy reinforcing sidebars. New engraving throughout, signed by our Master Engraver, with royal-style deep cut foliage and chain motifs outlining the sideplates.


“Al bulino” game scenes engraved on sideplates: buffaloes and elephants, with a lion’ s head medaillon on action bottom.


AAAAA luxury walnut pistol grip stock with an english-style cheekpiece and an old english buttpad. Extended trigger plate with bordered, engraved trigger bow, reservoir engraved steel pistol grip cap. Comes in a New Prestige Chapuis Armes gun case.


Available Calibers: 375 H & H – 375 Flanged – 470 NE – 450.400 NE – 416 Rigby

Weight: 4,2 to 4,9 kg depending on chambering

Chapuis AGEX Jungle .375 – Serial Number: 66877

AGEX Jungle

Orion Shotgun

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