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Beretta releases to the market a new competition over & under platform, the result of centuries-old experience combined with the most modern and exclusive technologies. SL2: the union of the Gardone Val Trompia’s factory’s expertise in clay shooting and high-end shotguns. Futuristic lines and innovative technical solutions currently available only to a limited number of customers, but always providing a manufacturing experience built on decades of close collaboration with the best shooters from around the world for absolute excellence and performance. 

This is the “Launch Edition”: a limited edition of 50 shotguns divided between Trap, Skeet and Sporting. The SL2 Launch Edition receiver surface has been treated with the super-technological DLC finishing, with the glossy black color and the acid green logo added to the bottom of the receiver.

SL2 Sporting Limited Launch Edition - 30" OCHP - 1 of 2 left in the country

Serial Number: Ending in 46LE

RRP $40,700

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The heart of the shotgun is completely new, characterized by a Boss-type locking system with a closing gusset that goes between the first and second barrel, while the base of the sleeve fits into a V-shaped bedding made in the base of the action itself. The line of the receiver is innovative with a “sharp” design: on the top the breasts have been reduced to the essentials, which together with a revolutionary anti-glare treatment consisting of micro-pyramids able to break down the light and the very low opening lever design, allows a perfect view of the target even in the most extreme lateral trajectories.


The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating is a thin film of amorphous carbon which, in contact with certain materials such as steel, is capable of transferring many of the beneficial properties commonly associated with natural diamonds, namely hardness and resistance to ageing, rust, impacts, scratches and chemical substances such as alkaline or acid solutions. Already used in various technologically advanced sectors such as the automotive, medical and racing industries, DLC is today the most durable, innovative and ecological coating that Beretta can apply to its products. Its shiny, reflective black appearance, combined with the mirror-polished sideplates to contrast with the matte parts transforms this product into a modern, contemporary design object. 

The stock and the forend are made of grade 4 walnut wood, finely checkered by hand for a perfect grip: for the Launch Edition all is tailor-made on the shooter’s needs. The forend comes with a new design and a finger stop in the front: a choice that allows to create maximum ergonomics. 

Pietro Beretta Selection products are subjected to a thorough supply chain control starting from the raw material, they are assembled “in white”, this means they are put together before the finishing of all the parts, to ensure that once the oiling is completed, we have a perfect fitting.



As for any Beretta shotgun of this range, the trigger group is removable and has leaf springs that always ensure a clean and uniform shot. For the Launch Edition, a second trigger group entirely made of carbon fiber is also provided. 

The barrels are the ultra-tried-and-tested Beretta Steelium Pro, already mounted on the DT11, which accompanied shooters in many international successes and 19 medals (7 Gold; 7 Silver; 5 Bronze) in the last two Olympic cycles of Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, featuring a particularly elongated triple cone with 46 cm total length. The surface treatment consists of a super hand-polish made by the Beretta craftsmen. 

The guncase represents a perfect match between innovation and tradition: its carbon shell is the result of Beretta’s consolidated know-how on the material, while the inside in black microfiber with SL2 logo in acid green (like on the bottom of the shotgun receiver) is made entirely by hand in the Pietro Beretta Custom Atelier. Also for this element, Beretta wanted to show its ability to be a precursor while maintaining strong link with its origins.


A unique version made by one of the 50 pieces of the launch edition has a very special aesthetic: the stock and forend are made of carbon fiber, which together with the black glossy DLC coating of the receiver create a contemporary and racing look, matching the style of the most technologically advanced hypercars. 

Following the customer’s special requirements, some gun details are different from the rest of the limited series: the perforated opening key distinguished by the Beretta trademark three arrows, the car wheel-inspired pins, the initials of the owners on the bottom of the receiver.